Gambling Rehabilitation in Ashby Folville

Gambling Rehabilitation in Ashby Folville

We offer a professional gambling rehab service to those in need. Please complete our contact form now to find out costs of treatments near you.

Online Gambling Addiction in Ashby Folville

Online Gambling Addiction in Ashby Folville

Whether you have got an online gambling addiction or you are addicted to the casinos, we can help. Fill in our contact form now and find out about treatment prices.

Rehab for Gambling Addiction in Ashby Folville

Rehab for Gambling Addiction in Ashby Folville

We can offer rehab for gambling addiction to people of all ages. Please get help today by filling in our enquiry form.

Gambling Rehab in Ashby Folville

While many people may immediately think of drug or alcohol abuse ( the word ‘rehab’ comes to mind, gambling rehab in Ashby Folville LE14 2 is a very real and very important service that helps millions of people each and every day.

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Gambling addiction is something which can arise as a result of playing casino games or betting on sports on a regular basis.  The difference between playing for fun and gambling out of necessity arises when you feel you have to keep playing, or that you need to keep winning. 

However, as casinos and bookmakers are businesses which are legitimately trying to make money, more often than not, you will find yourself losing more and more money.

This is where it can spiral out of control if limits are not set, or if you struggle to keep control of the money you are spending.  The rise of online casinos and betting services has unfortunately served to enable a number of people in finding quick and easy ways to bet and play games for money from the comfort of their own home or from their mobile phones. 

For many people, online and real-life gambling can become an addiction quicker than they think.  An addiction can consume your life and your money if you struggle to focus your energy elsewhere.  This is why rehabilitation can always be a great help.

Speak to a professional today to find out costs of treatments near you.

Gambling Addiction Treatment Cost

If you have a gambling problem, our team are here to help you. There are a range of different options available to those struggling with gambling.

Fill in our contact form today and we will give you a call to speak about your options and explain the costs of the treatments available to you.

Each individual has a different journey. We will look into your struggle with you to find the best way forward for you.

Gambling Addiction Help

If you are finding that you are struggling to stop gambling, help is at hand. Have a look at this blog post for more information

No matter when or how your tendencies or addiction become apparent to you, friendly experts will also be here to help you find local support for a wide range of compulsive behaviours.

  • Problem gambling help can allow you to start noticing certain patterns in your behaviour which may be encouraging you to keep spending money.
  • Getting addicted can be something that occurs quickly, or even over a longer period of time. No matter your circumstances, a plan of action can always be drawn up to help you find your way out of such thinking.
  • We understand that addictions can take some time to heal from. We are never expecting you to be cured overnight – which is why we have extensive programs and treatment services in place to ensure that you get the tailored support and advice you require.
  • If you are worried about the impact that your gambling may be having upon your health, your finances and even your relationships, a friendly, nearby gambling rehabilitation centre is only a phone call away.

Our team can also offer help for drug addictions and various other problems. Please speak to us today for help of any kind.

Online Gambling Addiction in Ashby Folville

Online gambling addiction is a relatively new phenomenon.  Compulsive gambling can be concerning especially when online and can certainly lead to financial problems.

Online casinos and betting sites have only become prevalent in the last decade or so, meaning that it is now easier than ever for people to become addicted to spending more and more money on flashy games and enticing betting opportunities. 

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The fact that less people nowadays are spending money through gambling at physical casinos and betting shops is creating more and more challenges – however, our experts understand that no two addictions are ever the same, and we will therefore always be here to listen to your problems and to help you find a healthy route through the other side.

It’s harder than many may think to give up online.  This is why we’ve tailored an extensive support program to not only help our visitors understand the risks of continuing to bet online, but also to help them stave off any negative feelings that may encourage them to relapse. 

Online addiction is more than just putting money into a casino from time to time.  It is a continuous, daily habit, one which can consume lives and finances.  If you are concerned that your behaviour is starting to affect many aspects of your life, let us help you get back on the right track again.

Gambling Addiction Treatment

Problem gambling (or compulsive gambling) treatment is not a one-size-fits-all service.  There are many different ways to treat addictions.  Gambling can cause many people to experience artificial highs – in the sense that the thrill of winning, and ‘one more go’, can be hard to ignore.  This addiction is a preoccupation that can manifest itself in many different forms.

Treatment clinics in Ashby Folville LE14 2 near me are now available for anyone who is worried about the route their addiction may be taking.  We have a wide array of therapies available, from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to other workshops, discussions and guides to help visitors understand how their way of thinking has manifested in the form of an addiction.

Many of the symptoms can include:

  • Loss of interest in other activities
  • Denial that you may have an addiction
  • Recklessness with regard to obtaining money – stealing, for example
  • Hiding your gambling from others
  • Refusing to seek help
  • Increasing the amount of money you spend
  • Neglecting or negatively impacting relationships with those closest to you

Don’t worry.  There is always a way back through addiction, and we are proud to offer a patient service to allow you to express yourself and your situation at your own pace and in your own words. 

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Our team ( will closely work with you to understand your situation, and will be able to propose changes and ideas that you can put into everyday practice.

Rehab for Gambling Addiction

Finding help with any kind of addiction can be difficult.  As the closest gambling treatment centre for many people in our surrounding area, we are always open for new visitations and can tailor a wide variety of world-renowned treatments and activities to help you fight back against your gambling tendencies.  The first step towards active rehab is acknowledging your problems – and to be willing to let others help you.

Checking into gambling rehab in Ashby Folville LE14 2 shouldn’t ever be something you are ashamed of.  Millions of people check into rehab each and every day – and seeking help is something you should be proud of. 

It’s all about taking greater control of your life and your behavioural patterns.  Fill in our contact form today to find out the cost of treatment near you.

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