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How to Stop Gambling

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It’s no secret that gamblers enjoy punting on different games, but as it intensifies the habit can soon become dangerous. Addiction is a chronic disease and those that suffer are stuck in a cycle of the reward circuitry.

Gambling becomes a constant battle of pleasing the reward system- finding relief and enjoyment for that short moment overpowers all other tasks.

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As it exacerbates it affects family and friends, jobs and overall well-being. If you’re looking for ways to stop your addiction then use our guide, if you are worried about a family member that you suspect is gambling away their money, then we also have some advice and tips for you.

Learn how to stop gambling addictions today with the help of our team – just use the enquiry form to get in touch.

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Cause of Gambling Addiction

Before looking for ways to support somebody with this kind of addiction or helping yourself when it comes to how to stop gambling, you’ll need to understand what it is that drives this urge. As briefly discussed, previous, addiction is a disease, and that is why you need to take proper steps to bring it to a halt.

There can be a number of causes and factors, research has shown that some are more susceptible than others. We talk about this below, highlighting some of the many causes. Like other types of addictions, it can be down to early exposure, genes and environmental factors.

  • Mental Health- If you suffer with mental health, then you are more likely to find yourself with a compulsive gambling issue. Those with OCD, ADHD and Bi-Polar are more likely to indulge in extreme cases. Also, having anxiety or other mental health problems can lead to addictions.

  • Age- Ages plays a factor, as younger people are more likely to gamble irrationally. Although middle-aged men are another troubled demographic that can begin to gamble.

  • Gender- There are differing patterns between men and women, men are more likely to gamble compulsively. But studies have shown that the correlation between men and women is becoming increasingly similar. Older women are more likely to gamble than younger women.

  • Influence- It can often feel contagious- if somebody you know gambles then you are exposed to the fun of punting. Before you know it, it can quickly deteriorate, turning from a hobby to an addiction.

  • Personality- Specific personality traits can make you more prone. If you’re a workaholic, obsessive, get bored easy or competitive, then you could become compulsive in your gambling habits.

As you can see, there are a long list of causes and considerations to bear in mind. All in all, it shows that many of us can fall ill with addiction and gambling is an easy one to be trapped into, that is because what starts as fun can begin to plummet into an unhealthy obsession.

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Looking at the above factors, can help you understand a bit more about the problem and who’s likely to fall into these habits.

For more information on how to stop gambling addictions, please get in touch with our team today using the enquiry form provided.

The Signs of a Gambling Addict

If you are worried about a loved one and suspect them of having a gambling problem, then you’ll want to look out for the signs. There are many symptoms and they often come to the surface as the problem gets worse

It is important to tread carefully and not to openly confront or embarrass anybody.

  • Preoccupied with gambling, finding ways to gamble again or planning how to get more money through this method

  • Needing to gamble with more money to get the same thrill as when starting

  • Trying to control the habit, but being unable to fight the urge

  • Feeling irritable when cutting back on how much you gamble

  • Using betting as a way to escape feelings of depression, sadness or stress

  • Lying to family members about gambling, or talking it down to hide how much you are gambling

  • Losing jobs and relationships through betting

  • Asking for money help or to borrow because of money that has been lost

Those who bet casually for fun, generally set limits or stop gambling once money has been lost. If it becomes compulsive, it is hard to set clear boundaries and stop. Instead, a gambler can feel compelled to chase the money that they have lost.

It goes from wanting to win, to then trying to win back money that has been lost.

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How Do I Get Rid of Gambling Addiction?

You have probably picked up on the mention of the ‘urge’ and it’s likely that it resonates with you. Being able to understand and deal with it, is key when looking to cure your addiction.

Use this system to help prevent your gambling obsession.

  1. You have already entered the first stage, as you have found this article. Wanting to stop and the realisation is the initial phase. Try to stay away from gambling altogether, as best as you can. Do understand, that lapses can happen and if you do find yourself betting, try not to be hard on yourself- it can happen, it is important to try to get straight back on track.

  2. Fighting the urge is difficult. Being able to fight it off shows that you are starting to regain control. Great advice is to delay the decision. What this means is that you should think about leaving your gambling plans for an hour and in the meantime distract yourself.

  3. Stay away from the urge, it usually subsides after an hour. But in case it doesn’t find something else that you love. A TV show, going the gym, running or another hobby.

  4. There are precautions that you can also take, limit access to your money during an urge, distract yourself, seek support from somebody that you can trust or simply make a call to somebody and talk about anything unrelated to gambling to keep your mind off it.

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Other Tips

  • Avoid Boredom- This is a huge tactic, because during the times when our mind can wonder, is when we are most vulnerable to habits. Try to plan ahead and ensure that you stay busy.

  • Don’t Focus on Losses- Believe it or not, compulsive gambling is more about straightening out losses than it is about winning. If you’re focussed on getting even with the bookmakers, you’re on a slippery slope. Start each day fresh, take one day at a time.

  • Find a New Hobby- Find a hobby that will keep you busy and your mind occupied. You can also rekindle old hobbies too.

  • You Will Lose- Remember that if you are willing to gamble then you are willing to lose. Ultimately continuing to gamble becomes losing, regardless of betting strategies.

  • Be Grateful- Write down what you are grateful for, every morning that you refrain from gambling. It is important to understand how lucky you are and how good life is without trying to win money.

How to Stop Gambling in

How Do You Help a Gambling Addict?

Do you fear that somebody you know has a gambling addict, and you want to know how to help?

You’ll want to seek professional help for your friend or family member but in the meantime you’ll also need to deal with the situation in the best manner possible. Rather than shame them or try to inject guilt into their feelings, try to communicate openly and offer support.

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That is not always an easy task, as you may have been hurt or betrayed in the process, let them know how it is affecting you. You can also get professional help for yourself; it is vital that you keep a sound state of mind and ensure that you are healthy.

The worst thing you can do, is let things get on top of you. It becomes hard to then provide support for others.

Here are some tips:

  • Do not shame them or make them feel guilty, instead try to be understanding. This will help the addict confide in you.

  • Ensure that you look after yourself, as addictions can destroy relationships, families, businesses and more.

  • There are cures available and lots of professional help, try to stay optimistic of the future.

  • Gain professional help and treatment for yourself, they will also be able to advise you on the next steps.

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Don’t delay it any longer, whether you fear that you may have an addiction or that your betting is going that way or if it is a friend that you are concerned for, you should be getting in touch with professionals.

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Experts have experience in how to stop gambling. Our tactics, plans and advice can help addicts abstain from betting.

Fill in the contact form today and our team will be in touch. We can talk or contact you discreetly to simply discuss steps in the future. There’s support for those with the addiction and also those that are friends or family with somebody who’s addicted.

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