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Alcoholics Anonymous UK

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Are you struggling with alcoholism but don't want to go into rehab?

Alcoholics Anonymous provides a safe and anonymous support network for those struggling with alcohol addiction.

The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of AA emphasise collective welfare, providing individuals in recovery from alcoholism with the necessary resources to succeed.

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Al-Anon and Alateen offer understanding, guidance, encouragement, literature & publications to family & friends of people with addiction.

In this article, we will provide information on the history, principles, and types of meetings offered by AA in the UK.

If you are thinking about getting help for alcoholism, please make sure to contact our team today.

Understanding Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as Anonymous Great Britain, is more than just a support network for individuals experiencing difficulty with alcohol addiction. It is a beacon of hope that has touched countless lives since its inception.

With its membership and the guidance of the general service board, AA offers its service, fellowship and support to those struggling with alcohol-related issues, creating a community of recovery, fellowship and healing.

As its name suggests, anonymity is a cornerstone of the AA experience, ensuring a secure and encouraging atmosphere for members, both living and deceased, where the only footwork required is the willingness to recover.

The AA programme of recovery is firmly grounded in the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, providing a solid foundation for individuals seeking to overcome alcohol addiction.

With a sincere desire to stop drinking as the only requirement for AA membership, the programme of fellowship welcomes all who wish to embark on the journey to recovery.

The Twelve Steps

The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous serve as the core of the program of personal recovery from alcoholism.

These guiding principles are widely accepted as an effective tool for tackling problems associated with alcoholism and for maintaining sobriety.

The Twelve Steps are a set of spiritual, not religious, principles that are designed to help individuals overcome their addiction to drinking and develop a new way of thinking and living that is free from the grips and control of alcohol.

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On the other hand, the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous provide a framework for the organisation and conduct of AA, outlining the principles and structure necessary for the successful operation of the organisation and the interactions between its members.

These traditions emphasise the importance of collective welfare and autonomy of individual groups, ensuring that the mission of assisting those battling alcohol addiction remains at the forefront of AA’s purpose.

The Twelve Traditions

The Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous are principles that guide the functioning of Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain as an organisation.

They emphasise the importance of collective alcoholic welfare, as demonstrated by the first tradition: “Our common alcoholic welfare should come first; personal alcoholic recovery depends upon A.A. unity and fellowship.”

This focus on unity, service, and the well-being of the group and membership as a whole ensures that AA remains a strong and supportive community for those seeking recovery from alcohol addiction.

Moreover, the Twelve Traditions acknowledge the value of each group’s autonomy while maintaining a strong connection to AA as a whole.

This balance between autonomy and unity allows AA to remain a flexible, adaptable, and resilient organisation, capable of meeting the needs of its ever-growing membership while staying true to its core purpose of helping individuals recover from alcoholism.

Types of AA Meetings in the UK

In the UK, there are various types of AA meetings, the two most prevalent being open meetings for men and women men and women and closed meetings.

Open meetings are accessible to all those who are interested in AA, including family, friends, and professionals, while closed meetings are restricted to individuals who seek to abstain from alcohol.

Additionally, first meeting, there are beginners or newcomers. AA meetings are tailored to assist those who are just beginning their journey with AA and recovery, and step meetings that focus on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Finding a Meeting

Locating an AA meeting in the UK is simple and convenient thanks to the search system on the Find a Meeting page on the AA UK website. This resource allows individuals to quickly find the nearest meeting location, ensuring that support is always within reach.

Find a Meeting

Whether you are a business seeking an open, closed, beginner’s, or step meeting, the Find a Meeting page makes it easy to find the right meeting format to suit your meeting needs and membership preferences.

Online and Hybrid Meetings

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, online and hybrid AA meetings have emerged as valuable alternatives to traditional in-person meetings.

Online AA meetings are conducted virtually, while hybrid AA meetings are conducted both in-person and virtually, offering a convenient and accessible means for members to join meetings without having to go to a physical location.

These virtual group meeting service options also provide a secure atmosphere for members to discuss their stories and experiences while connecting with others from diverse locations now the words.

To locate online and hybrid AA group meetings, simply visit the AA UK website and explore the available contact resources.

Getting Started with AA: Newcomers' Guide

If you are new to AA, you may be wondering where to start and what to expect. The Newcomers’ Guide to AA offers valuable information and resources to help you begin your journey with confidence.

Attending an AA meeting is the first step, now the words, first meeting, now the first meeting words where you will encounter a compassionate and empathetic atmosphere of sober others, with members sharing their personal stories and providing guidance and encouragement to one another.

As you progress on your path to recovery, finding a sponsor to help you work through the 12 Steps can be incredibly beneficial.

Additionally, AA offers a selection of resources, such as books, pamphlets, and online materials, to further support your journey.

Anonymity and Confidentiality

Anonymity and confidentiality are paramount in AA meetings, as they create a secure and encouraging atmosphere for members to share their experiences without fear of judgment or exploitation by contact with others.

In AA, members are asked to respect the anonymity of others and refrain from contacting or sharing any identifying or contact information, including real names or any other contact information that could be used to identify or contact them or contact others.

This creates an imaginary blank slate for each member, allowing them to feel comfortable opening up about their own contributions and struggles.

This emphasis on confidentiality ensures that members can focus on their recovery and draw strength from the shared experiences of their fellow AA members.

Support for Family and Friends: Al-Anon and Alateen

Alcohol addiction does not only affect the self-supporting alcoholic individual struggling with the same drinking problem and addiction but also the self-supporting and dependent family and friends.

Al-Anon and Alateen are support groups designed to assist those who are affected by a drinking problem or someone else’s drinking.

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Al-Anon is a group intended for former alcoholic spouses, parents, siblings, and other family members, while Alateen is a group specifically tailored for younger men and women, and a group for people living in the same household as an alcoholic.

These programs provide understanding, encouragement, and guidance help others to recover from alcoholism and help family and friends of alcoholics discover the bright promise of hope and healing through sober again.

How Al-Anon and Alateen Work

Similar to AA, Al-Anon and Alateen meetings follow a structure that emphasises the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.

These meetings offer a secure and encouraging atmosphere where participants can share their experiences, gain insight from one another, and find hope in the face of the challenges posed by a loved one’s addiction.

By following the same foundational principles as AA, Al-Anon and Alateen provide a familiar and supportive environment for family and friends to find solace and strength in their journey to healing.

Resources for Professionals

AA recognises the importance of collaboration with professionals working with alcoholics to further support individuals on their journey to recovery.

The AA website features a “For Professionals” section, offering resources for professionals working with AA, including details on the functioning of AA, how to contact them to request or make referrals, and how to contact and collaborate with AA members.

By providing these resources, AA seeks to enhance the support network for those struggling with alcohol addiction and foster a productive relationship between AA and professionals in the field of alcoholics.

Collaboration with Healthcare Providers

Collaboration between AA and healthcare providers is crucial in providing comprehensive support for individuals in recovery.

By exchanging resources, referring clients, meeting, and offering assistance, AA and healthcare providers can work together to create a multidisciplinary approach to care that benefits all parties involved.

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This collaboration results in enhanced outcomes for individuals in recovery, as well as increased access to resources and support for those seeking help with alcohol addiction.

Personal Stories of Recovery

Personal stories of recovery from AA members serve as powerful reminders of the transformative power of the AA program.

These first-hand accounts of overcoming addiction, mental health issues, or physical illnesses inspire and hope others on their journey to recovery.

Now the words shared by these individuals, along with their contributions, become a beacon of courage and hope for those who are struggling.

By sharing their stories now the words, AA members not only demonstrate the effectiveness of the program but also help others recover from alcoholism, by offering guidance, encouragement, self-supporting to help others to recover themselves, self-supporting themselves and a sense of self-supporting community.

Celebrating Milestones

Celebrating milestones in recovery, such as sobriety anniversaries, is an important part of the AA community.

Recognising these achievements provides a sense of accomplishment, encouragement, and a reminder of the progress made on the journey to recovery.

AA members commemorate milestones by attending meetings, exchanging experiences, and providing mutual support to one another, as well as through special events, such as anniversaries and birthdays.

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Family and friends can also play a vital role in supporting AA members by attending meetings with them self supporting them, offering uplifting words, and providing emotional backing, as they carry bright promises for a better future.

AA Literature and Publications

AA literature and conference publications serve as invaluable resources for members of the fellowship, offering guidance, support, and inspiration on their journey to recovery.

From books and pamphlets to online resources, AA provides a wide range of materials to help individuals better understand the program and its principles.

Additionally, the AA literature catalogue offers a comprehensive list of literature available for purchase, ensuring that members have access to a wealth of information at their fingertips.

How to Access and Purchase

Accessing and purchasing AA literature and publications is a simple and seamless process, thanks to the Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain Shop service and the support of the general service board and general service office here.

By visiting the online shop service or the general service office on board, members can easily browse and purchase materials to support their journey to recovery, as well as find resources for use in meetings or personal study.

The ease of access to these resources ensures that AA members have the tools they need to stay informed and inspired on their path to a life free from alcohol addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you just turn up to A.A. meetings?

You can turn up to A.A. meetings without booking.

AA meetings are free and open to anyone who wishes to attend and no fees or membership forms are required. Just show up and you will be welcomed warmly.

What does Alcoholics Anonymous offer?

Alcoholics Anonymous is a free self-help group that provides a supportive and understanding fellowship of men and women to help others to recover the men and women help others to recover them to help others to recover from alcoholism.

Its program includes the 12-step model, mutual aid groups, and smart recovery led by peers in recovery.

The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking and get sober.

How do I get someone to go to AA?

To get a loved one to go to an AA meeting it is important to be honest and compassionate when speaking to them.

Explain the facts about Alcohol Use Disorder, practice what you say beforehand and be prepared to act or intervene.

It is important to be understanding and supportive when talking to someone about their alcohol use. Let them know that you are there for them and that you care about their wellbeing.

Explain the risks associated with alcohol use disorder and help others to both recover from alcoholism and their desire to stop drinking and the risks associated with it.

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What can I do instead of AA?

AA alternatives include:

  • Therapy

  • Joining support groups

  • Utilising online support groups and communities

  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction

You don’t have to struggle alone; seek help and find a path that works for you.

What is the main purpose of Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous UK’s main purpose is to provide a supportive network and program based on the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions for people struggling with alcohol addiction.

The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions are designed to help individuals overcome their addiction and lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. They provide a framework for recovery and a sense of community and support.

AA UK also has a membership service and offers a service, a membership service and a full service, a full service, a membership-only service and a full service and a range of other membership services.


In conclusion, Alcoholics Anonymous offers a support network and a sense of community for those struggling with alcohol addiction.

Through the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, various types of meetings, and an emphasis on anonymity and confidentiality, AA provides a safe and nurturing environment for personal growth and recovery.

The organisation also extends support to family and friends through Al-Anon and Alateen, collaborates with professionals in the field, and shares personal stories of recovery that inspire hope and change.

Embarking on the journey with AA is more than just a path to sobriety; it is a journey to rediscover oneself and find a new way of living filled with hope, courage, and resilience.

If you would prefer a more thorough addiction treatment programme, please contact our inpatient rehab clinic.

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